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TOPIC atoz
subconscious 27
Subconscious 16
subconscious mind 9
Psychology 8
mind 5
God 4
91 year old woman dies during sex with 40 something married neighbor 3
@mikemcgintyface on twitter 3
A text from mother 3
Aids fetish 3
Alice in wonderland is too young 3
Amputee fetish 3
Another short story 3
Aunt has sex with her nephew 3
Back to fucking cartoon characters 3
Beelz 3
Bird fuckers didn't do that 3
Black crows for an outro 3
Broken penis scares during reverse cowgirl sex 3
Cake sitting 3
Can't have sex if one has a musical penis 3
Cannibalism fetish 3
Car fucking again 3
Chat with my corpse 3
Chopping off ones own limbs for sexual pleasure 3
Circumcision was the last surgery I've had 3
Coming out silence of the lambs styles 3
Cosby would choose sleeping beauty 3
Could I try to play the penis saxophone myself 3
Dancing to the Muppet theme while I dance to the Muppet theme in the clip 3
Dealing with loneliness by letting someone eat you 3
Dentures? 3
Do I have any fetishes? 3
Do we have a deal? 3
Does one cum inside ones own body? 3
Don't fuck someone that had tuberculous for a while 3
Don't kick me in the balls please 3
Don't you try to out yell me 3
Drone 3
Eels 3
Family members that don't know the show will be horrified 3
Fetish video at the start of the show 3
Fit me with a new one 3
French toast in the ass from the movie road trip 3
Frogs? 3
Fuck the musical penis then 3
Funny or Die Video Archive 3
Fur pile orgies 3
Furies 3
Girth or length ladies? 3
Glass half full kind of guy 3
Going into my subconscious and meditating to find out my internal thoughts 3
Happiness 3
Has the show been good so far? 3
Have a look 3
Haven't had any issues with 3
Haven't made a slide show video for my last show yet 3
He did finish 3
He noticed it before he ate it 3
He said sex is for mortals and he is a god 3
Here comes the body 3
Herpes infected man spits in police officers burger 3
How the show has changed 3
Howard Stern resigns with siriusxm 3
I assumed all the guys were peaking at my cock 3
I can imagine how you feel 3
I can't support incest 3
I could say you're only doing this because I'm black while receiving oral sex 3
I could snore 3
I didn't save the story properly 3
I do spend a lot of time on my show 3
I don't agree 3
I don't get the foot fetish 3
I don't have any condoms to do the condom challenge 3
I don't support you 3
I don't think God cut off his penis 3
I don't think I'm doing a show next week 3
I don't think the ladies would enjoy a flappy just skin penis 3
I don't want penis pictures though 3
I going to avoid having this happen 3
I guess I support your mental disorder 3
I have a pain in my neck 3
I have difficult saying chubby 3
I hope they include it in my eulogy 3
I keep forgetting what I am looking for 3
I kind of agree with the Russian 3
I may cut that video up 3
I may look like I made pee pee in my mind 3
I may need help 3
I need to cut the shit with these catch phrases 3
I prefer feminine over muscular 3
I said that as a goof before 3
I still stay up late 3
I suck so bad sometimes 3
I tried to play it myself and I can't 3
I try to reference something I don't remember 3
I want all new organs when I come back 3
I want to be frozen 3
I was very happy with last show 3
I will proudly tell people that I did pee my pants 3
I would be pissed if I went to have my tonsils out and they removed my penis 3
I would have people sign it 3
I would have that issue when I was younger 3
I would treat Cinderella properly 3
I'm falling apart 3
I'm going to take another break because I'm an asshole 3
I'm just going to sit here silently 3
I'm not a good sleeper 3
I'm not biting 3
I'm not eating anymore if this can happen 3
I'm not turned on by any of these odd fetishes 3
I'm stupid and I need to shave 3
I'm wearing my hat 3
If it grows maybe I will seek out tuberculous of the penis 3
If it is real that's my whole next show 3
If she didn't have those issues brafuckingvo to her 3
If this show doesn't work I'll take an L 3
In her charm bracelet? 3
Insulting the ad 3
It looks fucked up because I didn't do my hair today 3
It's all better now 3
Japanese sexual culture is bizarre 3
Jessica Rabbit and Betty Boop 3
Jesus answered my prayers and told me what pee tastes like 3
Jimmy Kimmel's penis surgeries 3
Jizz 3
Kick me in the ass if you have to kick me 3
Kimmel had a non functioning cock 3
Ladies would you be turned on by a penis that looks like a saxophone? 3
Later part of the show usually better 3
Lets look through another show 3
Lets review 3
Lets sexy this story up 3
Lets talk about bad things that can happen to penises 3
Looking on the bright side 3
Make another stupid video that nobody will watch 3
Make my body pick it's nose 3
Make my body pretend to jerk off 3
Mario is pretty sexy 3
Mario? 3
Maybe I should just take a nap live on the show 3
Maybe I'll try this on the show and die doing it 3
Maybe maybe 3
Maybe she was into having a plastic bag put over her face 3
Maybe some fairy tale characters 3
McGinty podcast 3
Mike McGinty with his new co-host Mike McGinty from two months ago 3
Miles Davis cock 3
Mind 3
Mixing all the fetishes into this story 3
Morbid obesity is a risk factor 3
More dances you can make my corpse do 3
Movie wasn't as good as the book 3
My family will come home and find me dead with a condom over my face 3
My funeral thoughts 3
My head looks big on periscope 3
My odd google searches from doing this show 3
My only surgery was cock surgery 3
My sleep habits when I was younger 3
NO! 3
New era of positivity 3
No headlines today 3
North Korea's sexiest divas? 3
Not in the autistic sense 3
Not into food during sex 3
Now I don't give a fuck 3
Oops 3
Penis made from the arm 3
Penis removed during surgery 3
Playing the strokes 3
Pulling up the browser to get it 3
Put me on display like Lenin 3
Put my body on a dunk tank and try to sink me 3
Quicksand fetish 3
Quicksand fetishists hit me up to explain it @mikemcgintyface on twitter 3
RIP sea otter that stacks cups 3
Role playing 3
Role playing scenarios 3
Send Jimmy Kimmel well wishes for his penis 3
Share my show 3
She consummated the relationship 3
She had sex with him hundreds of times 3
She was into being choked during sex? 3
She was into some kinky shit 3
She was very active and flexible 3
She-ra is a little too muscular 3
Shoes back on 3
Singing Taylor Swift 3
Sitting native American style 3
Sleep 3
Smack me in the face and call me stupid 3
Somewhere I will be laughing 3
Stephen Lynch instead 3
Subconsciousness 3
Taking my shoes off and putting them back on 3
up-solid down-solid